Aries, you're in for a hard Valentine's Day this year; Venus won't welcome you into its arms the way you expected it to, and thus, it'll be hard for you to deal with opposing circumstances when it comes to love.

You'll have to do your best every waking minute, leaving behind any arguments or fights; otherwise, your love story could receive serious damage by the end of the day. Be very wise when using words and gestures, and forget about double-meaning wordplay. You need one another, and the most honest choice is to admit to that.

If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, ask for friends and family for help; there's a good number of people ready and willing to help you and love you no matter what happens.

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The week isn't over just yet; it's important that you keep your professional projects in mind, and think about how to take things one step further, reaching new goals and benefits that weren't meant for you up to now.

There's nothing impossible in life if you set yourself a goal and sweat your way through to get things done.

Stay away from any and all toxic individuals who tell you to stay still and keep saying that it isn't the best time to take the leap. Can they even set their finger on a specific date for that leap to happen?

It isn't too bad an idea either to ask for your money back from the people to whom you loaned it, even if the loan took place a long, long time ago.


In order to keep good health up, you need to exercise and eat healthy and balanced; however, if you only do this two or three times a month, there's no point in even trying!

Use this Friday as a chance to set a firm, disciplined schedule as the next few days kick in, starting this weekend. You'll see yourself creating a great sense of awareness to take better care of your body.