Aries, your romantic affairs will keep you more than entertained today. Venus will have a strong influence on your love life, all the way from the past to the future. That's why you'll carry out a thorough analysis of what you've already got and what you could eventually have.

Some of you will be surprised by being offered new life experiences, which initially sound very interesting to your heart.

However, your sixth sense won't let you trust appearances, and you'll have a tendency to analyse all the bits and ends of the proposal. You want to have firm, safe steps, even if that implies that you'll miss out on tasty morsels along the way.

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This Tuesday you're in for one of those days when you'll want time to fly away. No matter how much of an effort you make, today isn't going to be your best as far as work is concerned.

Try to focus all your attention into the most complex tasks if you can, and especially if you need to make an accurate budget. Numbers and math won't be your best buddies today. You'll have to rerun all your operations because there's something that's likely to get you off-track.

The stars also encourage you to be meticulous about your schedule; coming late to a work meeting (and let's not even mention job interviews) could be seriously harmful to your future. Make change happen in your life, don't just let yourself go with the flow.


Try to be more careful about what you eat; measure calories well, and follow a diet that fits your needs. Do you have a long, rough day ahead of you?

Then, you better not go on fasting round, or eat the first sandwich you see at a vending machine.

The stars predict that today your sensitive side will come out on top, and you'll take on other people's issues as if they were your own. Try not to put too much weight into your baggage.