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You're a little too comfortable in love.You don't feel like fighting for making your beloved happy, nor to make peace after an argument.

You're expecting to be the king or queen of the world, and you want your significant other to head your way to flatter and pamper you, and you'll get mad if you don't get the attention you expect as an Aries.

That selfish attitude could end up getting you into trouble if you don't change soon. Love is a game for two where you should give just as much or even more than what you receive.

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The muses of inspiration have visited you overnight, and you'll wake up with a mind filled with interesting ideas to progress in your current projects.

To achieve better results, you should take a pad and write them all down, find out their strengths and weaknesses, and later bring them to the judgment of your peers and managers. This will get you closer to excellence.

Are you thinking about a getaway for Christmas? You might be too late to find a decently-priced flight or hotel offer. The sooner you plan out your holidays, the cheaper the trip could get. You can use online comparison services to find the best deal. Good luck!


Night calls you and attracts you like a magnet. With the Moon at its peak, that's when you feel the readiest to have some fun, whether it is watching movies and shows at home with nice company, or partying out loud with friends.

Even though you classify yourself as a night owl, you need to watch your schedules and go to bed at the same time every day; also, make sure you've got enough sleep ahead of you, depending on what your body's asking for.

Acid reflux could show up at any given time, so avoid those foods that you love but which harm your digestive system.