Stop bashing yourself with blame if things haven't been going too well between you and your partner in the last few months. Love, just like life, is a ride on a roller coaster where there's emotions, adrenaline, and of course... its ups and downs.

No matter how many supposedly perfect relationships you see around you, you should remember that not all that glitters is gold. Besides, it's often complicated to handle a ship where there's two passengers, each with their own concerns and aspirations.

If you're single, with just a bit of extra effort, you'll manage to feel more confident and you'll make progress in that love story you're so keen on making happen. Go get it.

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Aries, cold hard cash can play tricks on you. If you mistrust banks and prefer to keep your money at home, you could eventually get a serious scare.

Remember where you hide your money stash because your memory could put you into a distressing spot when putting your hand into an empty drawer.

Are you going through financial distress right now? Then, it might be a good time to part ways with the family jewels that have been lying around in an old drawer because you never wear them. If you feel too bad about selling them, you could pawn them and go get them back when you're doing a bit better.


Listen to your body more, because there's something that isn't going well, especially around your joints. If you've been experiencing recurring joint pains for a while, don't hesitate to go see your doctor and get checked.

Your sixth sense is sharp as a flint, and through your dreams, you could get some seriously handy tips on what you should do about your life. If you tend to quickly forget about what you've dreamt, leave a notepad beside your bed to jot everything down as soon as you're awake.