Aries Horoscope Sunday
Your Aries Horoscope for Sunday | Magic Horoscope


You'll want to get out the house this Sunday; many times, your home becomes the shelter where you can protect yourself from the world's incidents and circumstances, but right now you want to see the world. And of course, you want to have the world seeing you in return, appreciating your intelligence and beauty.

Remember that your hands are extremely powerful, Aries. If you find yourself right in the midst of a love war, you'll be able to stop the hits from coming, but victory will only come along if you use your hands to hug and caress. That's the way to make peace and harmony queens of your world.

As far as couples are concerned, you'll see your partner become cooperative and helpful, and that will soothe some of your tension. If you're single, you'll be trailing behind a person you like, but who isn't responding the way you'd expect them to. At least, not for the time being.

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You'll spot someone who's making moves against you as far as work is concerned; you feel like they're mocking you in a way, taking advantage of your goodwill and your desire to avoid any incoming conflict.

Before demanding an explanation on their actions, run a personal analysis, and you'll see that you haven't been too honest either. But you're still on time of making a change! It was easier for you to see your mistakes by seeing someone else making them.

Ask for help if your latest transactions aren't as bulky as you expected them to. Do you have the feeling something's not quite right? Then, there's definitely something going wrong.


Make your eyes' health your top priority, because this is a subject often overlooked. Start thinking about what day of the upcoming week would be best for a check-up from your optometrist; you might have to start using glasses, or your prescription could have changed if you already are using them.

Keep in mind that your eyesight is also linked to other illnesses, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Those who have an excessive amount of glucose in their blood could suffer from glaucoma, something manifested through changes in your peripheral vision.