The signs point to today being a day of highly exalted feelings, and you'll be missing some things you experienced in the past when it came to love.

At certain points of the day you could be swept away by a large wave of nostalgia, but it is forbidden to dwell on that feeling and waste your time between one cry-out and the next! Your love life is pretty stable as it is, and nothing bad's going to happen today, because the stars will bless you with their protection.

The love you and your partner feel for one another will be a gorgeous display, and if you're a single Aries looking for love, you'll receive quite the surprising confession from someone who likes you. Let them explain themselves, and act accordingly, but always keep in mind that honesty is the best policy.

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Be very careful with possible scammers; this Sunday you could be ambushed by people who try to take a good, generous bite out of your savings while dodging the law in the process.

Don't pay for services you didn't agree to hire, and don't believe every single thing that adverts promote. There's a lot of lurking, hungry wolves out there, thirsty for money, ready to do just about anything to get it.

Start preparing new budgets for the incoming week, and leave some room for improvisation. Also, if you're looking for a job, you should read on how to behave at a job interview, it might prove really useful!


Has it been long since your doctor last gave you a blood test? It's a good time to ask for one; it wouldn't be too crazy an idea to see how everything's going on inside your body, at least once a year. And there's no time for excuses like being afraid of needles!

For some of you, your blood iron levels could be below the optimal minimum. You can get that sorted out by having iron-rich foods (lentils, liver...), and pair them up with some vitamin C so that the body absorbs the iron better.