Venus, the planet overseeing our romance and feelings, will be testing you today; you'll almost feel like you're taking a final exam, and the right answers are nowhere to be seen.

Some of your friends and family ready to know more than they should ask you about certain intimate, personal issues; you know, the ones you usually tell no one about.

You've always had this need to feel free, and now you're certainly not willing to explain yourself, let alone to look good in front of everyone else. You'll have to find the best, most tactful wording to encourage those people to mind their own business and leave you alone to do as you please.

It will be extremely important for you to try to be sweet; don't let yourself go with a foul mood, Aries!

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Right now, money isn't the main reason to make you move. You might not want to open up about it, but rather than a good salary, what you're truly after is fame and recognition.

If you choose to change careers in order to find it, you're better off making some math and calculations first, to see if you can afford it, or whether you should wait a little longer to make sure your welfare is still going to be there when you make the change.

Also, the stars encourage you to ask your friends and colleagues to give back (even more so if the favour you did them was connected to money). Try to listen to your own advice, because you love giving it but don't really enjoy applying it into your own life.


As a native Aries, Mars is your ruling planet, and it predicts that you're the kind of person who fights all the way; however, today you won't have might on your side to deal with some particularly harsh battles. Do the walk of life with some composure under your wing.

Colds will take over all around you, and you're a partial yet perfect magnet for bacteria and virus, so stay away from that colleague that can't stop coughing or sneezing, and find yourself some shelter!