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Aries, your mind will fill up with naughty thoughts. The chains in your relationship are starting to feel too tight for comfort, and you feel dreadful when thinking about long-term projects. All you want to think about is the present, no more, no less.

The temptation to relive the past and some of its passions seems interesting, but if you look past that you'll see that it's just another expression of fear, of an attempt to dodge future issues.

Perhaps you've fallen stuck into an emotional rut. You'll develop a sense of frustration and feel that a certain situation isn't progressing the way it should. Long story short, nothing works your way and it all makes you bleak and somber, because you can't control your emotions.


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Your impulses are leading you into outlining quite an interesting project, which would benefit you financially. However, don't rush into carrying it out into action, or into making rushed decisions that would harm your most immediate finances.

You need to be constantly working without losing your breath. There's no need to postpone anything, but surely you'll understand that you can't take a project from anything to perfection in a matter of a few hours.

Your mood will become impulsive and you'll start thinking about what you'd like to buy an open shopping spree. But don't get too puffed up, because Christmas is about to come and that's a time of great expenses.


As the Sun protects your health area, nothing will seem impossible to you in your current state. You'll feel the encouragement of a great sense of bravery and a rare flair of boldness.

Don't waste all your energy into work and save some of it to enjoy your time off. You feel like getting loose and letting your hair down, but remember that some limits shouldn't be surpassed.

You should be especially careful with the intake of fatty foods and alcohol. If you drink a lot of wine, it wouldn't be too bad an idea to swap it out with a glass of water every now and then.