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You're open to beauty in all its forms. A beautiful person could turn your world upside down, although you're especially on the lookout for an authentic soul. What you really enjoy is the sweetness of a face with no touch-ups or fakery whatsoever.

If you're currently in a relationship, why don't you both go watch a sunset, a play or go do some sightseeing? Your sensitivity will allow you to connect your heart to that of your partner's with no need for too many words in the middle.

You're one of the zodiac signs with the greatest development as far as romance is concerned, and you don't really mind if people think you're old-fashioned.


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Aries, your financial issues will become more stable this Sunday. You'll be more mentally clear, your confusion will temporarily fade away and you'll enjoy a nice sense of stability.

Your future perspectives are taking a brighter and more well-drawn hue. You won't need to spend all day taking mental calculations to make ends meet before the month's over (although the end is much further than you can imagine).

Your take on human relationships will involve several number and acquaintance exchanges, which will open some curious professional opportunities for you.

Get ready, because throughout the upcoming week, there could be an unexpected contract or sales agreement signing. Good results will make you more confident and bring you progress.


There's significant changes coming your way, more subtle at first and a little more obviously later on. You've tried your best to prepare yourself psychologically for everything that's coming, but you still aren't as mentally strong as you thought you were.

For the time being, focus on spending a nice, relaxed, happy Sunday. Any way to get in touch with animals and nature will be best for you.