Aries Horoscope Monday
Your Aries Horoscope for Monday | Magic Horoscope


You feel slightly uncomfortable about some gestures and attitudes from your partner; you're starting to suspect they're talking to a past acquaintance, and that they could be hiding it away from you. You feel something similar to jealousy, combined with fear; the fear of losing what you've already got.

This Monday could be the perfect day to plan a romantic date to win their heart over once more, prove to them how much you care, and let them know that your chest and heart are burning with passion and desire. Play around with your creativity, Aries, leave some room for surprises, and soon enough your doubt will fade into oblivion.

If you're single, you'll try to give yourself a wake-up call. You know you ruined what could have been a gorgeous romance because of your inner fears. You'll have to be more alert and look out for stimuli in order to make the most of heart synergies in the future.




You've got amazing professional gifts, you're among the most competitive zodiac signs for today, and you'll reach a sense of generous spontaneity to send your proposals into your managers' or supervisors' inboxes.

You'll use language with plenty of art and talent under your sleeve, you'll make your current projects take the road you want them to, and you'll see your accounts bulking up once the projects are done.

The day could get a little harder if you work on accountancy or with numbers in general, because your attention will scatter a little bit.


Don't speed up through life so much, no matter how much you think circumstances are demanding you to do so; an excess in stress could end up forcing your wellbeing to take a toll. Your feet and legs could feel the strain, or even your neck area.

Be a bit more careful with your diet, and stop drinking alcohol on a regular basis. Your liver will get a much-needed (and deserved) break.