Aries horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


What happened last night? You're waking up to a Monday filled with beauty and charm. You'll be the center of attention of most glances around you, and there could be a temptation or two along the way.

If you're in a relationship, you should control your impulses; otherwise, your skies will fall prey to clouds and thunder. Still, Aries, you could take on a new point of view and live out your relationship in a different way, breaking the mold, and re-doing your bonds head to toe.

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You'll enjoy a steady financial situation to start your week off. You'll have plenty of money between your hands, but watch out for expenses. You can't spend it all in luxury items or leisure activities.

You should understand how far you can go with your whims, and which are the boundaries you should avoid crossing while enjoying your minor fortune.

Your motivation is way up in the sky, and that's noticeable in your work environment. A sticky situation will allow you to display your great talent and your personal gifts. When others become blinded by the light of circumstances, as a native Aries you'll see things from a clearer point of view.

If you're out of work, you'll become hopeful about coming back to work again. Get ready for an upcoming job interview, and always keep your phone on a close reach.


You wouldn't do too bad with some relaxation, and staying away from a speed-ruled steering wheel will do nothing but good on you.

It's important that you respect your doctor's orders if you're going through a recovery process; don't think you're going to get healed overnight, superhero-style. If you don't allow your body to regain its strength and recover, you'll end up regretting it.

When sitting down for a meal, watch your salt intake, because it's not doing anything for your blood pressure. Remember that certain sauces, like soy, are salt-heavy and should be used in moderation as well.