You tend to think that, for love to be real, it has to entail a portion of suffering. It can open doors to pain or restlessness just as much as it does for bliss. Perhaps this is coming as a consequence of your past experiences?

Your point of view is pretty much wrong. You need to find a new prism, a new outlook, that makes you understand that love means satisfaction, not tears. It should help you to become and feel bigger and stronger, not smaller.

Does the way you perceive feelings make you suffer more than you should, Aries? Then you might want to rethink the way you experience relationships, and even ask a medical professional or couples' therapist for help.

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This Sunday, you'll become one of the most impunctual signs in the zodiac wheel. Not being at the right place and the right time will make you upset and get you into trouble, especially as far as work goes.

Try your very hardest to avoid signing in late at work, or to deliver on time the goods you'd agreed upon with a client. Your honor and reputation are at stake.

Your ability to focus will disperse quite a lot, according to the Magic Horoscope's predictions. Don't get off-track with the first bird you see flying away, because all you'll be doing is planting more stones onto your path.


Learn to get away from your issues; if you've had a hellish day at work, all issues should stay outside your door. Your home is your shelter, and the perfect place to rebuild yourself and move on stronger, instead of mope around and lick and scratch your wounds.

Think about yourself a little more and start realising what your true personal wishes are, and what should be done to make them come true eventually.

Try to be the star of the movie that is your life, make your dreams come true, and get away from those people that you already know for sure are nothing else but spoilsports.