Aries horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Peace and quiet will rule over your romantic relationships; everything should move smoothly within a set order, even if there's a crisis feel in the air.

Venus' support will allow you to fight disagreements back with beautiful words. You'll quit tricky questions in favour of open conversations and mutual understanding. As a single Aries, it won't hurt that much to express yourself openly. Would you dare to open up your heart today?

Finally, it should be pointed out that there's signs of your family growing bigger. Perhaps today you'll see that birth you've been expecting for months, or you'll get news related to an ongoing adoption process.

In the same way, it's not too crazy of an idea to find new family ties that had been hiding away so far.


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Your mental agility has been through better days than this November 19th; you take longer to react to stimuli, you can't find a quick solution to usual issues around the office, and in general, you're progressing at a slower rate than others.

Remember that proper sleep directly influences your ability to focus. The lack of sleep decreases the neurons' capacity to communicate with one another.

Second-hand items will allow you to win, whether you buy or sell. Freeing your house from the grip of unnecessary items or antiques will make you earn quite a lot of money and make more room. However, as a buyer, you might be able to find interesting items at an honestly fair price.


You feel great improvement in your health. If you're facing physical obstacles, you'll see that your situation will take a turn for the better, at least for a while.

The doctors will find good and satisfying solutions. Right now, you know you're in good hands, and probably even the best.

Are you having headaches every now and then? Your eyesight might be having some issues. Go see an optometrist to get a proper assessment.