Aries horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Your week will start off with an increased intensity; your desire for freedom will shoot out into the sky, and you'll start thinking about letting go of anything you've got and departing for uncharted territories.

Before you make any rushed decisions, plan out the change you're looking for, how much of it will you actually find out there, and whether or not you will miss your current reality.

But there's no doubt that the general environment for this December 2nd will encourage you to dream big, Aries, imagining your future with someone different to you, perhaps from another culture or a foreign country.

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Your financial doubts are slightly unnecessary; but as a consequence, there are times where you fall back into second gear, because you think you don't deserve to be the star player, the leader, the one driving a well-oiled machine.

In order to act in the right direction, you need a change in your attitude so that you can then prove how much you truly are worth. Only then will you make progress in whatever ongoing projects you've got.

When it comes to work, anything that happens today will make you more free and careful. You'll find new professional alternatives, and you might spot chances to go on a trip to a not-too-far-off destination.


Today, there's a promise of an escape! Your daily life could become overwhelming, and your life in general looks sort of restrictive.

You're already well aware that the grass isn't always greener and gold doesn't shine any brighter in other areas, and that's why sometimes you need to run certain risks to keep it under control. Open your perspectives up and be more appreciative of your present life.

Your life's filled with small details that make it a unique and wonderful experience, but you need to stop and watch what's around you.

Avoid comparing your reality to that of your neighbour's; you won't get any juicy conclusions out, and you'll only get more confused if you start doing that.