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The mist that might have clouded your love is fading. If the sword of Damocles had been dangling above your relationship as of lately, you can finally take a breath because there's nothing but pastel-coloured spaces. You'll appreciate that your partner is doing everything that's in their hands to please you, something you hadn't seen so far.

Having your loved ones behind you will be comforting if you've experienced a tough, gut-wrenching break-up. Don't dwell on your wounds, open your eyes and think about how much weight you've taken off your shoulders.

Your heart will beat strong once again; as much as you believe it to be so, your fate isn't to be single until the end of time.

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Out of a reflex action, this Saturday you'll get more defensive than you should. You're afraid of being stolen what belongs to you, or that someone younger and better prepared takes that promotion that you've fought so long and hard for, Aries.

When learning how to handle your emotions, especially when it comes to the business world, don't mix them in with love, because otherwise, you'll be the one who ends up being controlled.

When it comes to your budgeting, you take an impeccable style, and the opposing planets will allow you to have a stronger savings' mattress and to deal any way you need with your bills, taxes and payments in general.



Your lifestyle won't let you save any energy this Saturday; you'll need to get your foot away from the pedal because that's your only escape route (even if mentally) away from trouble so that you can find some solace and relief.

Work on your self-confidence, your self-esteem. This way, you'll be able to make more efficient choices in ambiguous situations; you'll find serenity even if there are chaos and alerts blaring all around you.

This Saturday you're in for nothing but good vibrations, which you'll have to channel later all by yourself.

If you're lucky you'll be able to face some hard-to-deal-with health issues, perform intense workouts, or reach for high goals. If that's your case, jump ahead!