Leo, if you play with something as important as love and you lose, there’s no one to blame but you. You won’t be able to find your soul mate if you play jealousy and manipulation games and date different people at the same time.

Dare to be vulnerable, genuine and honest. Open your heart despite all the wounds of the past. Don’t be superficial ensuring yourself that it’s better this way. Sometimes reaching out to you, to your true feelings is like trying to enter a locked room. You’re not helping yourself, Leo.

The Moon in Sagittarius will affect your children's zone, which means it’s a great day to spend time with them and do something together. Even better if you go out and try to discover your local area.  

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Your work partner will start questioning your way of keeping company accounts, which you’ll have to put up with. If you’re an accountant, your bosses will question your work. You’ve done pretty well so far and you won’t understand why this issue is being raised. You’ve been doing the same tasks since the beginning. You’re doing your best and you won’t let your colleagues criticize you in this aspect.

You’ve been collecting some peculiar objects for a few months and don’t seem to realize that accumulating them at home is a waste of useful space and money. Think about whether you will still like them in the future or whether they’re a fad that you can do without.


You like to challenge yourself on a daily basis in various fields, including sports. Why don’t you sign up for that competition you’ve been interested in? Although you may not be ready to win yet, train hard and encourage yourself. And on the day of the event remember that it’s taking part that matters most. Your health will improve noticeably!