Aries horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


In your mind you've got a pending quest with love engraved. You want to find the ideal relationship from American love movies, with a dash of fairytale mixed in.

However, your partner's thinking differently, and they'll try to pull you down onto the ground. No matter how much you want to be happy, there's things that only happen in fiction, and you won't convince your other half to go crazy hand in hand. The magic seems to be melting, and it's hard for you to keep calm.

Aries, you'll have to answer uncomfortable questions if you're single. Whoever's interested in you would like to know all your secrets and start a romance with a foundation based on honesty.


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You'll be in great sync with other professionals in the same field of expertise. Exchanging advice will prove mighty useful, and you'll see that, rather than rivals, you're rowing in the same direction and you need to join forces to keep doing so in the long run.

In other news, you should keep your wallet fully stocked and close to you at all times, because you might have to deal with several unexpected events.

You'll have to be quite methodical without going too far in restricting your budget. It'll be a delicate situation, where you'll have to make quick and costly choices that could even go against your basic principles.


This Wednesday you'll try your hardest to create a proper sleep environment. You're even thinking of swapping your mattress for one that adapts better into your body shape, and replacing the pillows too. If you can't afford it, try turning your mattress around.

You're planning a series of sports activities that you can carry out, but it'll get hard. Not just because you'll start feeling lazy, but also because some people will drop in and interrupt your program. Stay firm and get away from distraction, don't let it take you off the right track.