Aries horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The smaller things in life make you feel completely fulfilled; you'll very much enjoy what you've got around you with your partner or friends. You'll be highly skilled at handling the unexpected, and because of it you'll take things from a wiser, calmer perspective.

There's a burning desire to enjoy a romantic relationship, and if you're single, you'll understand it might be just enough to meet the right person and let yourself go. Let it happen, Aries, it all points out to a magical love story happening.


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You'll be missing a little more risk in your work life, as well as in your field of expertise in its entirety. You think that things are being done out of natural inertia, that there's no passion right now, and you think you can't make change happen by yourself. You're wrong.

You're absolutely skilled to take the first step and create a revolution; you're more than ready to bring a new flair into your environment. Don't keep yourself stuck in place and fly away.

This Friday, your major expenses will be directly linked to the home, your family or your kids. It's time to state and openly express what you really want and to prove your skills.


Your sensitivity will be boosted by the Moon. You can't stand criticism, not even the opinions you asked for yourself, and you answer without taking enough time to think of the consequences.

This November 22nd will be a frustrating day where despair and anguish could make their home around you if you don't work things out.

To find spiritual balance, you should try some therapy that brings together breathing control and meditation, allowing the one true version of yourself to flourish and bloom out.