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You're in for a rocky Saturday, and that's why you're forced to be more passionate about your actions, investing time in your partner without expecting them to give you anything back in exchange, and trying to make every waking minute exciting so that romantic negotiations are more solid. Molds were made for you to break them and create a wave.

Progress will be slower for those of you currently in a long-distance relationship. You'll seriously consider flying or taking a trip to where your other half lives and surprising them. You need to feel their skin, their scent, Aries. You'll let your senses lead you on.

However, when it comes to family affairs, you're calmer, you see more clearly what you need to achieve. You'll aim to direct your family life towards a wiser, more harmonious perspective.


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This is no time to panic: keep calm about the financial delays you've just encountered. Manage whatever money you've got skilfully and cleanly. When you finally get paid the money you're owed, you'll be able to refine and re-do your strategy to do great things. Follow your instinct and watch your numbers closely, and you'll become more effective.

This Saturday will become an instance filled with difficulties. You're struggling all over to make your professional situation steadier. It isn't really your fault, it's just that life can be simple one minute, and complicated the next. Don't throw in the towel at the sight of your first obstacle. Learn to grow in times of despair.


You've got no time to think about everything before jumping into action. The Magic Horoscope encourages you to be cautious and start ruling out risks. Everything in life can be postponed; if you keep enough perspective you'll know you're making the right decision.

It's all fine if you've got a sport-aimed attitude, as long as you're always aware of what pace you can take. You might have to slow down a little, as a way to ease your inner pressure some.