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You're giving in too much to make your partner happy, Aries, and you feel like you're slowly but surely losing your identity. It's becoming increasingly harder to believe in yourself, and you can't see your most authentic side.

Tolerance isn't necessarily a privilege instilled into everyone's minds, but you can't keep up with this life attitude just to avoid your partner's complaints.

If you're single, you'll focus your efforts on a recent project that doesn't look like it'll automatically succeed. This could give you a defeat-prone attitude, but fortunately for you, your friends will be there to back you up and make you progress.


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You know how to control the monster of whims that makes you splash your cash. You've got your mindset on daily expenses, so you'll become more measured. You'll even turn down some fun proposals that you'll feel like trying out just to make your finances a healthier affair.

You'll manage to feel free to use a good chance to make some new business contacts; your reputation will increase at the same time that you start hearing plenty of praise on how you conduct yourself.

What might be harder, though, will be to keep up this level of work in the future, of course. You shouldn't stop the effort, and instead, find new ways to prove your skills.


There could be some back pain going on today, as a consequence of sitting in front of the computer for a long while, whether for work or pleasure.

It's important that you keep a good posture, but not that necessary to always keep your back straight up, like many tend to believe. In general, it isn't too good for you to stay in the same posture for too long, so if you move around as much as you can (you could even slouch a little if that's comfortable for you), the pain will soothe down. Changing postures is the best for your body.

When night falls, having a runner around your block for half an hour will help you sleep better. You'll snooze off the whole night through, and that's a promise from the stars!