Aries horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Don't let other people get involved in your relationship issues; friends, family and even strangers will try to give you an opinion on what you need and don't need to be happy, and what your heart deserves.

Listen to your and your partner's souls only, no more, no less. You might be experiencing a complex stage as far as feelings are concerned, but no one should choose in your place.

Be especially subtle with some members of your partner's family, because they'll appear to be wolves in sheepskin.

If you're a single Aries, sudden encounters will come aplenty; short-termed temptations attract you like a strong magnet, and you'll even consider taking a trip to visit a crush who lives far, far away.


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Jupiter, the god of commerce, encourages you to keep your activities under a strict order. You're running the risk of leaving many tasks undone. Don't do too many things at once, and as soon as you're done with one goal, head into the next on the list. Learn your limits, be realistic, and don't compare yourself to people in different circumstances to yours.

Financially speaking, you could enter stages where speculation and luck rule the roost, but you should stay away from them. Trusting your intuition and nothing else will take you down the road of bankruptcy, at least for today.


With some of your ailments, it isn't too bad an idea to ask for some advice from people around you or healthcare experts, but only if you're going to follow suit. Perhaps, instead of a diagnosis and treatment, you just need someone to listen.

Be more generous with your close contacts. Visit that friend who's at the hospital and get them something nice that puts a smile on their face. Or go to the home of an elder relative living on their own, they'll be highly appreciative of your presence.