Aries horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The best influence possible from Mercury will give you a chance to tighten your marriage bonds. Don't let any chances slide to come closer to your partner and telling them how much you love them, or how sorry you are about some of your most recent mistakes.

Your love life should be the star today, you deserve it. In some cases, you'll be better off on your own than with a foul companion, and you shouldn't create any drama if you ever have to end a love story at some point.

If you're single, you can be sure that you'll turn upside down any hearts around you, and you'll manage to create a net to attract and keep whoever you want hanging around. In any case, you think sentimental affairs are nothing but a fun, innocent game, Aries.

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Your professional activities will take a great portion of your time, even too much for your own liking; you would make a deal with the devil just to have more free time to devote to your hobbies, or just to have a much-needed break.

You'll manage to move on and keep going, because you'll have plenty of energy and a sudden burst of inspiration to sort out complex issues which you've been dragging along for a while. Don't doubt your choices; the stars will be on your side.

But here's some bleak news: you'll have to stay a little more alert as far as finances are concerned. You'll have to squeeze up your savings a little more than usual if you spend too much.


You think that life's too good to stop yourself from enjoying some of its pleasures, especially when sitting at the table for a meal.

Still, make sure you follow a diet that keeps you physically fit, and do some exercise that allows you to stay away from daily stress.

Getting in touch with animals will fill you with energy and a good mood. If you can, take your dog out for a walk around a natural space.