Aries horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


You're putting in a good dose of calmness and satisfaction into your baggage, and that will help to make the flow of love smoother. Love will be all around you, in the air, in every corner... it'll be impossible to draw off.

Besides, you'll do your best to add some passion and sensuality into the mix (and in some cases, a slight dash of unnecessary jealousy). However, watch out for ambiguity; if you play with fire, you're very likely to get burned.

If you're a single Aries, get ready to be spoiled and pampered to the max by the Magic Horoscope. You'll know how to adapt to whatever life gives you, you'll worry just enough about where you are, and you'll know how to move on if you experienced heartbreak not long ago.

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The stars will influence your finances in the long run, and there'll be an attempt to have some balance. The relatively neutral skies this Friday also suggest there'll be a day with no more dangers out there than what's already predicted to happen.

Watch out if you devote part of your working day to issues that have nothing to do with your assigned tasks. If you spend time looking into social media, or even sneaking in a phone call, you might end up being told off.

You don't want punishment, right? Focus on your duties, and if you can, be a little more efficient, even!


The Magic Horoscope will give you a boost in strength to face this November 29th, but in order to achieve all your goals, you'll need to sleep as much as you need, manage stress and nervousness in a smart way, and do some exercise.

Those of you who've recently gone through an illness or surgery will notice a great deal of improvement, but always respect the doctor's orders anyway. Don't listen to your own intuition thinking that you're already all healed up and that you can stop your treatment whenever you want.