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You're expecting surprises at home or around your family, but there won't be as much of a party as you'd expect. You could have arguments with your partner or children because of a series of unexpected expenses. Don't panic, you'll make peace in a few days, but there'll have to be measures so that it doesn't happen again, Aries.

You feel there's an open abyss between a good friend and you, someone who used to be more than a sibling to you back in the day. Nothing too serious has happened between you, it's just that you've taken different paths to life.

Trying to find common interests right now might seem useless. Don't despair because they're not close, let them go and rejoice in everything good that's going on in their life, and what's yet to come. Who knows? One day you might bump into one another again.


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According to today's predictions from the Magic Horoscope, you're in for some success and acknowledgements. You'll finally see that the great job you've done, which you thought had gone unnoticed, receives great praise.

You'll be breaking many molds, and prove that there's great potential inside each and every one of us; we just need to let it unfold naturally. Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy.

You might arise some curiosity on important people if you're currently out of work. It's true that the way you sell your skillset is pretty original, but don't go to excess. You know how to stay efficient while remaining open to proposals that make your bank accounts earn some good cash.


In order to fulfill your wishes and ambitions, now more than ever you need to align all your life and energy resources, so don't waste your breath on pointless issues.

Be especially careful if you have to carry around very heavy goods, to avoid hurting your back or your limbs.

Remember to take a break when you need it, and listen to your body if it tells you to stop. Live your life with ease, even if you're less sociable than usual; you'll get there on the weekend.