Your character is slightly peculiar, should we say, and sometimes your partner or friends feel too scared before talking to you about certain issues. Someone will use Venus' influence over your sign to tell you exactly how they feel, straight to your face.

You might be surprised to see that someone is offering you their love and that they have a strong proposal to start writing the rest of your life chapters together. You're interested in what you're being offered, but you'll enjoy playing hard to get too.

If you're a taken Aries, your partner will share their feelings with you right here, right now, although their feet seem to be a bit off the ground. You'll have to tell them that the facts don't match their statements and that you love them just as much or even more than up to now.

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It's nothing new for you to hear that this Monday you'll have to give it all you've got as far as money and business are concerned, right, Aries?

Load up your batteries to the fullest and work on your patience; only then you'll be able to find a solution to that sleep-stealing issue which you usually never tell anyone about to avoid making them worry too much.

An important money expense will take place today, but it won't be out of the blue or for something new coming your way; it was something you'd been expecting for a while, such as a fine or tax payment.


Your wellness is bordering along the line of good and bad, so you'll have to take proper care of yourself and avoid being too irresponsible. Sudden temperature changes won't do you any good, so make a mental note of that.

Even the slightest gust of air could unfold a cold within your body!

Set your own pace, make it a little slower than usual, and you'll see your energy and immune system barriers getting higher and stronger bit by bit.