Aries horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The week has just flown by, and you're already at the weekend in the blink of an eye! There's no problem about this, though, because you're willing to enjoy anything that comes into your path.

This Sunday looks like it'll bring you some calm as far as love is concerned, which you really needed and didn't quite know how to request.

Your friends will encourage you to get away from emotional issues, and your partner -if you have one- will cheer and comfort you enough as to bring your head above water.

Aries, your singleton's passion could do wonders; new romance is in the air, but you should always stay within the boundaries of strict honesty.

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In the past few days, you've focused your efforts into solving a series of issues of all areas: administration, materials, work itself... It took you a while, but this November 30, you'll be mighty satisfied with your progress.

You've managed to improve tasks that take a long time, and you've taken away certain domestic restrictions.

Thus, you'll be completely free and ready to take on the day to the fullest, which looks like it'll be filled to the brim with the stars' energising influences.

For many of you Aries out there, financial efficiency will reach its peak. There'll be an acquisition of very useful, great professional skills.


Mars' influence, with all its energy and impact when it comes to health, will give you a bit of an unusual flair.

Those of you who are usually lazy will want to move around, do some sport, stay active one way or another. And those of you who are already used to exercise will want to take it one step further, and open new doors to inject some adrenaline into your spirits.

Extreme and adventure-based sports will become a juicy challenge, and they could even help you get rid of certain fears stuck inside you.