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If you enter in a conflict zone with your partner, you're both running the risk of falling neck-deep into a mud of misunderstanding that could hurt your self-esteem. The slightest bit of criticism can evolve for the worse, and you'll have to tame your inner beast to get a decently positive result out of this.

It's important to both keep quiet and listen properly. Let the other person have their say. Admit that you can't take the lead the whole time.

The climate is making you slightly proud and sometimes arrogant if you're single. It's hard for you to find where you belong in this hurricane of feelings, and it makes you frustrated that your crush doesn't look at you the way you want them to.

Don't insist, wait for a couple of days for the storms to clear before opening up your heart again.


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Today you can earn a lot of money. It's a good time to raise some fees if you're self-employed; you'll be anxious about winning and negotiating for high profits. The stars will help you there, and bring you a great power of persuasion.

Also, you'll surround yourself with individuals that want nothing else but to help you reach your goals. Your business connections will stand out and you'll be quite smart if you use this chance to strengthen bonds, and re-do weak links.

Some Aries might have trouble at work because of health reasons or family issues. A last-minute problem could delay your arrival into work, something that not everyone will be happy about.


Don't get angry easily, try to keep up a zen attitude with your family and partner. Find out about the healthy, sensual pleasures of true relaxation.

Make efforts with your loved ones to understand their fears and worries, and it's very important that you share and rejoice their bliss. Watch your words, because they can be seen as upsetting sometimes.

Today's the perfect day to project your beauty. Ask for an appointment at a beauty center to get a manicure, a facial, or if you're bold and daring enough, an extreme makeover.