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This last day of the year, you feel more ready to escape than ever; your daily life could become too much to deal with, you've got this constant pressure feeling as if you were being watched every waking minute.

You think that the grass is greener on the other side, of course, but life has already proven that it isn't always true and that you might be running too much of a risk if you want to get to where you want.

As far as couples are concerned, Aries, the intensity of your desire for freedom could break everything apart. Think about how life would be if you let your partner's hand go and flew solo.

If you're single, you're in a mood to dream big, and even though it's just fine if you look further into the future, you should also have fun with the people around you.

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Because it's the last day of the year, it'll be hard for you to make good financial choices. If you can, and as far as you can go with it, have a passive attitude, a second-row position. You'll be able to see future plans and spot weaknesses much more easily. You'll get good ideas in a spontaneous, natural way.

If you work in real estate or architecture, luck is on your side, because you'll be going through a series of affairs to improve your finances.

Don't get overwhelmed if the piles of work seem to be growing and never coming down; as the day comes to a close you'll come out exhausted, but proud of your work.


You're pretty bad with the cold, and your body won't take cold temperatures lightly; some of you could even experience back pains because of the cold. An electric heater blanket will become your best friend to soothe the pain.

Don't put off until next year -even if it's tomorrow- what you can do today: move around and keep a balanced diet. If you're spending the whole night partying, watch your alcohol intake, and for every glass of wine, have another one of water right afterwards. You and your body will be much thankful for that.