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You're double-checking your romantic ambitions, and you haven't really figured out what you want. Nothing seems to be enough, and you can't even recognise your own reflection.

You're at a transitional stage where anything looks likely to happen. You need to find your place in the world once and for all, letting your inner nature manifest itself while soothing away your fears.

If you're taken, you'll want to take a new direction. You think you're pulling more shared weight than your partner is, and you'd like to divide that responsibility. It's time to have a long, serious chat about certain issues.


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At work, an increase in your wages could be considerably rewarding, although you'd have to prove that you deserve it. Excellence should be part of today's agenda, with no room for mistakes or mishaps. Multiply your focus if you need.

However, the message from the stars is clear: you don't need to worry about your next bills, they'll get paid at the right time. You'll be free from extra charges, and the wind will blow beneath your wings all around.

Relationships with workmates in your own field of expertise could become a sharp affair; you see each other as rivals, when you should actually use connections wisely and boost each other. Careful with certain traps that people might set on your path, and be very protective of your ideas and intellectual property, Aries.


Some health issues could bring about a last-minute change of plans. You won't be so sick you need to stay in bed, but resting will do you good. There's a reason why people say prevention is better than cure.

Makeovers will be more than welcome, even those that are extreme. Don't worry, you'll find a way to make everyone agree that your new look is for the best. Deep down, what you're after is internal transformation through the physical things.

In the afternoon, some aerobic sports such as tennis or swimming would do you a lot of good in 40 or 50-minute sessions.