Magic Horoscope 4 | Magic Horoscope


It's the right Thursday for self-expression; the Magic Horoscope will mingle you around with the rest of the world for you to bring your personal touch into it.

You'll break molds and conventional rules, you'll love yourself to the core, even if most people don't agree to it. Love is too beautiful a feeling to experience it under old-age rules that most people don't follow anyway.

If you're single, you'll enjoy a cheerful environment where you'll satisfy yourself with unexpected romantic victories. You'll aspire to go on endless, out-of-this-world adventures.

As far as relationships, Aries, everything will work, but it'll be time to take things one step further. For instance, if you're on an open or polyamorous relationship, you should share with your families your non-orthodox situation.

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You've got your mind fully set on handling your resources more seriously; you've seen people around you improving their general standing, and you think the time has come for you to balance it out and improve your present and nearest future.

Go to your bank and ask the managers whatever you deem necessary; if you're not entirely convinced about their proposal, you could take your savings into another bank that gives you better conditions. That simple.

If you're looking for a new professional adventure to go on, keep on your current track. It's important to point out what your best qualities are. You won't feel disappointed about what happens, so stay humble and let everything else flow smoothly.


Your self-confidence and good mood are the prelude to an increase in your wellness. You'll become wizards and witches able to transform any instance into a source of happiness.

There'll be more advice exchange on health issues between friends or family. They'll give you the name of a good doctor that could help you with your chronic issues, so make sure you write everything down.