Aries, the halfway point of the week is finally coming nearer. For no apparent reason, you're filled with a good mood today, but there'll be certain things you'll find funny that other people won't take too well on themselves; in that sense, make sure you don't hurt people's feelings.

As far as couples go, you're better off being careful. Your partner is in deep, serious trouble, and they're not sharing their issues to avoid disturbing you. You'll have to make them understand that their concerns are yours too and that you're there for them in any way they need you.

If you're single, you shouldn't worry so much about the past of your beloved, and instead, start thinking about the future you can create together.

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The Magic Horoscope will help you see your financial situation objectively and clearly. You know that you've been kind of a big spender in the last few months, and you hopped on a train that was too expensive for your comfort. Now, it's time to squeeze up!

From today onwards you should change habits, stop using the car for everything, and bet on public transport instead; you'll be taking part in the great project of making the world a more sustainable, less polluted place.

And in the same way, you'll be able to cut off some expenses if you manage the number of lights turned on around your home. And remember to turn off the TV when you're not watching it!


You've got some illnesses or ailments going, but you'll prefer to keep them a secret to avoid worrying your relatives or close friends.

This could be a mistake, because they'll think you're in tip-top shape, and if you turn down plans, they might be inclined to think it's because you're getting into a foul mood, not because you're lacking the strength for them.

All in all, you're in for a calm day, and your intuition will tell you what's best and what's worst for you. As far as your diet goes, be wary of those food items that are hiding more sugar than you think they have.