Magic Horoscope 5 | Magic Horoscope


There's someone out there that you like, but they say one thing at first, and right afterwards, they change their mind. Not many people would want to be in your shoes, Aries.

You're ready to get closer to them, to know what's going on in their mind, to find out what's inside their hearts, and also how they move under the duvet.

However, when they pull out their contradictions at you, you would just get them a one-way ticket to a far-off place, to leave you alone and have you glance more enthusiastically into your future romances.

If you're in a relationship, you'll experience some jealousy, but there won't be any serious arguments; at most, you might feel some tension.

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Don't let anyone doubt that you're in control of your professional life. The Magic Horoscope says that you can get back to something you've given up, and get great, surprising results afterwards. You could also change the way you perform around the office and be truly efficient.

For many of you, there'll be a desire for financial independence; some of our younger Aries will start thinking about moving out from Mum and Dad's and taking on a life of their own, while others will choose to quit their current paid job and create a start-up company. There's a general sense of personal rebirth that will make you earn tons of money (but with a lot of sweat pouring down your forehead).

Here's some advice: don't be too hard on the weak ones if their skills aren't that much to be desired. Avoid conflict as much as you can.


You know you could do better as far as certain wellness areas of yours are concerned. What you need to do is jump straight into work and quit dodging responsibilities. If you stick to that premise, everything will work smoothly.

You need to trust yourself and promote your willpower. There are some health issues where desire means power. Bring out your fiercest Aries, because it'll be worth it.