Aries Horoscope Friday
Your Aries Horoscope for Friday | Magic Horoscope


You tend to amount the love you receive, as if that kind of feeling was something you could measure out or weigh. You're dead wrong in that sense, because your calculations will never be fully correct.

The stars encourage you to also start forgetting about the ill thoughts you keep about your partner; even if they take a little longer to pick up the phone or answer your messages, that doesn't mean they love you less.

Under a general scope, your doubts and insecurities will be running high, and it'll be hard for you to fit into the universe of romance. In some homes there will be moments of jealousy or a certain lack of trust will come under the spotlight.



Aries, your work obligations are starting to pile up, and there's quite a bunch of them; you've got many unended issues, projects that require one last touch or your final revision. In that sense, it'll be useful if you share the work with some of your most trusted colleagues.

Pressure's starting to wear you thin, but you'll manage to keep it from wearing you down. And to make the most of this Friday, start with the hardest tasks and you'll feel your shoulders getting instantly lighter!

Starting your day with the easiest tasks will only give you the feeling that the day's slowly becoming an uphill battle. Use your energy wisely and success will be at close reach!


This March 6 you'll be extremely sensitive as far as your smell goes; some scents will entice you and fill you with nostalgia, taking you to wonderful past instances. Others that aren't so nice could get your stomach tossing and turning!

You're a magnet for good vibes. If you have an item that you consider a charm (a bracelet, a picture, a religious portrait) keep it on you at all times and don't let anyone know about it. It'll help you to keep away any people with ill intentions for you.