Aries horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


You'll become a true lion when it comes to love. You'll defend your principles and the way you understand romantic relationships, even if people around you think they're nowhere near perfect.

You're absolutely sure of what you want, and you won't let anyone taint the name of the person who owns your heart. You might even have an argument with a friend because, as they see it, your partner doesn't bring out the best in you.

If you're single, you'll know when is the right time to play all your cards. You're brave and you're going in all the way.

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Justice interrupts a good point in your career. There's some issues that border on illegal, Aries, and you need to shed some light upon them.

You've got a harsh day ahead, filled with interruptions that will stop you from going anywhere, at least within the estimated time of arrival. There'll be plenty of rocks blocking your path, and you'll have to work your way with your brain when making quick choices. Time will be more valuable than gold.

There are improvements in your family finances. Some adjustments you've recently made will be pretty good, and you regret you didn't cover up some needs earlier, both in your own finances and those of the people under your watch. But it's better late than never, of course, right?


You're worried about certain health issues, particularly linked to cognitive areas. Your mind's not as quick as it used to, and your memory plays tricks on you; they can get real nasty sometimes.

A visit to the doctor's wouldn't be too far out, to be assessed and guided on the steps you should follow from now on. Don't let laziness keep you locked up at home, thinking that it's just temporary and that it'll eventually pass.

Try not to jump into daring projects today; scatter your energy wisely and try to go to bed at a decent time. Bingeing on TV shows until late isn't the best for your sleep.