Aries Horoscope Saturday
Your Aries Horoscope for Saturday | Magic Horoscope


You've probably heard all about fairytales, where there's princesses who kiss plenty of toads until they finally find themselves a prince. In that sense, Aries, today you'll feel like a children's character who's not doing so well in love. You've become tired of toads and royal-made promises.

You won't settle for just about anything. You'll only make room in your life and heart for people who follow the truth as their unique policy; you don't care that they are gorgeous or attractive inside if their usual method is to hide it behind a shell.

And for those of you currently in a relationship, the stars encourage you to be more active and fun. You should see the relationship as part of a game, make up your own rules and let everything flow.



You'll be giving money its rightful worth, no more, no less. You won't become obsessed with budgeting and controlling your finances, but you won't burn all your money off by giving in to each and every whim your mind can come up with. Especially because whims tend to be the most expensive!

Your mind could wander off on its own a little this Saturday, so make sure you know where your wallet and all your belongings are to avoid making it easy for thieves to snatch them away; you should also keep them close to you because you could forget them on a bus or cab!


It's already Saturday and you think the week's not fully started yet; you've left many health goals undone thinking that you still had a few days ahead of you to get them off your bucket list.

Don't expect to get in tip-top shape in the matter of two days, or to get quick results because you take up a new diet or exercise plan. Find new stimuli on a constant basis, and moving on with your goals will become a piece of cake.