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This Thursday has an active atmosphere in store for you; matters of the heart are truly important to you, you're not willing to leave anything at the mercy of fate, and you might not have enough time for a break.

If you've been preparing an intimate, romantic celebration for when night comes, you should know that everything could become delayed; however, good things come to those who wait. Everything will feel much easier to deal with, and in the end you'll enjoy the time spent with your partner.

If you're in a crisis as of lately, you'll manage to make some progress. It'll be hard for you to learn to forgive your beloved's mistakes; for a second, you'll even consider taking some distance and leaving because your feelings got hurt, but you'll see that forgiveness is what makes you a greater human being.


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You're experiencing difficulties to do an objective research into your bank accounts. You keep trying to see the good side of everything, and that's why your feet keep floating above the ground. Aries, you use minimal efforts, and you delegate any and all complex tasks; that will bring nothing but failure later on.

The progress of your financial projects will be much more effective if you take some distance and think things through.

When you're at work, be more careful than usual. Sensitivity is running deep, and any mistaken gesture or statement could create chaos. There's people testing you, so you'll have to bring out your most diplomatic, polite side.


A chat with a personal trainer might be what you need the most. You could eventually find that sense of discipline that allows you to get stronger and build muscle up, but which also influences your agility and movement coordination.

You could also see your fancy side rising, and you'll want to go to the pharmacy to buy some wrinkle creams and other treatments that cover up the natural process of aging. You'll even double-check your savings to see if you could afford some plastic surgery under the hands of a good surgeon. But don't go too far; otherwise, your face could lose its personality, which shines through pretty much!