An emotional crisis has struck your recent past badly, and some of the wounds it caused will rip open again this weekend. Arguments will be the main course of today's menu, and it'll be hard for you to find your place within the home.

You need to unfold your best communicative tools to make your partner know about your expectations, and wherein your life they should provide some extra support. Give them the key to your heart and have them help you escape the prison where you locked yourself in.

It'll be extremely beneficial to find support among your friends, Aries; some of them have experienced the same events you have, and they'll be happy to share any of their wise advice.

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Watch your non-cash expenses closer than ever before; you use your credit card too much, and this Saturday it could feel like it's burning in your hands. Don't think that the money isn't coming out of your savings, sometimes you lose track of how much you've got left.

If you let yourself be tricked into trying out several (and very expensive) leisure activities, you'll end up sticking your hands to your head and you'll regret you didn't hit the breaks sooner.

Some of you will bump into a friend or acquaintance to whom you loaned some money in the past. It's kind of uncomfortable for you to ask people to get their finances straight, but you're better off doing it.


You need to watch your blood pressure more often; consider how much coffee you drink throughout the day, because adding up the cups you have at breakfast, your morning break and afternoon, you might be drinking more than you should.

All around you, you'll find people weakened by a mild virus or illness, but you'll be able to dodge any ailment out there. The Magic Horoscope will boost your system and give you excellent protection, and you'll manage to do everything you had planned.