Aries Horoscope Sunday
Your Aries Horoscope for Sunday | Magic Horoscope


Aries, if things between you and your partner aren't going too well, you should ask yourself why. The stars point out that you won't escape mistakes this Sunday. You might not see it, but there's plenty of little things that you do that could hit a raw nerve on anyone if they all pile up together.

Some of you will also come to terms with the fact that your self-esteem isn't at its best; this could make you decline any offers from your partner when you're together in bed.

You need to set a firm, strong goal: love yourself a little better, and give your sex life its much-deserved importance. If you think your love story isn't spicy enough, why not get some racy underwear to keep the fireworks in the bedroom alight?



Someone new is coming into your financial life and they're getting on your nerves. It might be an inexperienced colleague or a new counsellor... Whatever the case, to your understanding, they're dodging their duties and passing them on to you.

You'll have to pull out your diplomacy this Sunday so that they do the right thing around you. Make them aware of the tasks they actually perform well and encourage them to keep up the good work at a more general scope. But there's no need to be hurtful!

In many homes, you'll see there's an important health-related expense coming, whether it's yours, for one of your kids, or even your pet, who needs to go to the vet's office for an ailment or two!


The tiredness of the whole week is highly present, but you'll know how to turn things around and make it disappear. This Sunday was meant for you to relax and enjoy.

Have you been more absent-minded than usual, because you forget your keys at home, or never remember whether you've locked the car up or not? In that case, use some of your time on doing memory-boosting exercises.