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You don't have a very good attitude to the proposals coming from your partner or loved ones; you're feeling like quite the hermit, but they'll still love you anyway, and they'll respect that you're having a freaky Friday.

In a way, you're more trusting of strangers' advice rather than any comments coming from your closest, most personal acquaintances.

And get this: according to the Magic Horoscope, you could get hurt in one of your little adventures, because you're not safe from bumping into a snake charmer that toys around with your hopes and your heart.


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Aries, a chance for financial change bursts into your professional life and fills you with doubt. Before you jump into the pool, make sure there's water in it. In other words, make sure that the sources of your information are trustworthy and truthful, that the proposals coming your way are solid and well-built enough.

Bring back your adventurous, entrepreneurial spirit, but think carefully and consider all options needed before making a final decision that you might regret in the future.

When it comes to family budgeting, your keen critical mind could bring you trouble. Be mindful of whatever comments you make on how other members of your family spend their resources, and start being more concerned about your own money instead.


Your past health issues' Pandora box is open. You could come back to an ailment or moderate-intensity illness that hit your health back in the day, whether it is a simple cold, hemorrhoids or an attack of acid reflux. Your own experience will tell you what to do to heal up as quick and soon as possible!

With what we've exposed, it's obvious that now isn't the right time to jump into remote getaways for extreme sports, or activities that test your physical and mental endurance. Instead, you should place your bets on rest, meditation, and some mind opening for any changes that might come along.