You'd like to squeeze the juice out of every hour today to have fun and laugh the day away; however, your partner could suspect that behind your good mood there's a hidden layer of darkness, and behind that laughter lies some dark secret.

With a little patience and love, you'll show them that they're just going through a jealousy bout, and if they catch your hand you'll fly together into places you'd never been before. You can't let ghosts taint your beautiful love story.

If you're a single Aries, you'll be surprised about the interest you arise on a new workmate; someone with certain traits that you initially like, but there's also little things that make you mistrust them.

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Use wisely your free time (if you have any this Sunday) to go on outdoor activities with your family; if you choose to head into a mall, you might spend more money than you thought you would.

Unfortunately, there's leisure activities that are starting to become a true luxury event, like going to the movies, for instance; if you pay for your ticket, your partner's, and your kids', and you all get some drinks and popcorn, the bill can skyrocket in the blink of an eye.

Those of you who run your own business will be able to budget the right way, devoting money to very specific investments that will allow you to save some money up.


Try to focus your goals into health and wellness; you never make clear where you want to go, and you only trace resolutions under a very general scope. Before despair takes over you, make a final choice on where you want to go.

This Sunday, you could set the foundation for new habits, and stop thinking that willpower will make a home out of your heart overnight.

And don't feel too defeated and throw in the towel if you can't make your goals to the T at some point.