Aries Horoscope Monday
Your Aries Horoscope for Monday | Magic Horoscope


You'll have to be highly intuitive when communicating with your partner. There'll be many obstacles standing between you: distance, people meddling in, too much work... And unfortunately, you won't be able to enjoy any time off to rekindle.

That's why you should pay attention to gestures and non-verbal communication, Aries. Sometimes you'll have to read in between the lines, because just a few words could be hiding a much deeper, intricate meaning. It won't be as hard as it could initially look from the outside.

If you're single, get ready to experience some disappointment. Your latest fling doesn't expect the same thing you do; you're better off letting them go. They wouldn't fit into your life even as friends.



Try to keep quality and financial efficiency as the ruling norm this Monday. You'll find for yourself that there are issues where you definitely can't be skimpy or a pennysaver; only by spending money will you get good service or item.

This will be especially relevant for those of you who need to care for your health through private medicine. Don't trust masseurs with mysterious qualifications, or dental clinics where there's not much of a guarantee. You could be drilling your own wellness walls open.

For some of you, there'll be too much of a fashion and accessories' fanatic feeling going on, and you could spend quite a big deal of money going shopping. If you do that, take a friend with you to act as your conscience and remind you to hold back a little.


You'll start the day off a little tired; the night will have seemed endless because of a foul dream. It wouldn't be too bad an idea to try to remember some of its details and analyse them, and then you'll see what your subconscious is trying to say.

Fight back whatever fluid retention issues you might have by eating and drinking diuretic items like pineapple or horsetail tea.