Aries Daily Horoscope for May 1

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Family issues will push you out of your comfort area on this day, as you notice how you are the engine of the family that gets everyone moving.

An excess of obligations in every way can cause the glass to overflow, and if you are in a bad mood, attacking people with words isn’t the way to go, especially if they are your partner or children.

For singles, the planetary configuration points to disagreements with midnight romances and furtive visitors to your bedroom.

The pieces of your puzzle fit well once or twice, but no longer, and you want that potential lover to disappear as if by magic.

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Culture can lead you to ruin, my dear Aries. On this day you will have great desires to make purchases related to this area, such as expensive works of art, collection records or incunabula books.

Analyse to what extent they are worth their price, and above all, if tomorrow you can sell your purchases, at least, at the same value that you are paying for them. Don’t lose money stupidly!

At work, they can call your attention by being too attached to your mobile phone, instead of focusing on the tasks assigned to you.

It is time to stand up and take the bull by its horns, firm and willing, as there are hidden eyes around you that analyze your gestures, and that hope to find your weakest points.

Give a strike without hands to those scabs being an exemplary worker, because you know how to do it well and to spare.


Have you considered to what extent the state of your hair indicates how is the state of your well-being?

Due to stress, you may have been losing some hair, or maybe you have gotten dandruff as a sign that something is not quite right.

By the way, look well that you do not have lice, something that is more than likely if at home there are small children, who catch them when playing in the park or when being in contact with other children.

To ward off the bad vibrations of your home, burn some cones of incense, and if you feel like it, do a little meditation