Aries Daily Horoscope |



The Magic Horoscope and its oracle see in your sky a dark and disloyal feeling of which you are the protagonist, the executor.

Aries, this Sunday you are going to show yourself too hypocritical in matters of the heart, because you are going to complain about defects that you yourself have.

It doesn't matter if you have a partner or are a confirmed single, this will affect you the same, so there will be no way out unharmed.

Because you see very badly that someone does certain actions that you develop day by day, and also, you bear fatal criticism, as well as the fact that you are judged and analyzed.

You can't go through life dragging the feeling of guilt, of course, but you can't go through life with such an attitude either.


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Since it's Sunday, you should take a break, and stop analyzing what excellent financial transactions you're going to make next week.

Enjoy the time and the moment, and look for quality time to enjoy yours. Unfortunately, time is something you can't buy. Don't forget it.

However, the stars predict that a rather annoying case related to family property will find a happy ending, an agreement will be reached that will satisfy the majority.

Don't become too severe if you have workers in your charge in a position of corporate power, because there is a risk that they will rebel against you.


You must put aside that recurring thought that you have been evil-eyed, for with it you justify that certain things do not go well for you.

If you want to keep bad vibes away from you burn a little rosemary, which will also strengthen confidence in yourself and put at minimum levels your deepest fears.

Likewise, dismantle the myths that exist about food and that envelop certain very healthy foods in a demonic aura.

Sure, for example, you've heard once that "banana fattens", but few or none have told you that it is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and that its natural sugars help you calm down by enjoying the feeling of something sweet.