Magical Horoscope Aries
Magical Horoscope Aries | Magic Horoscope



Like a witch in the Inquisition times. That's how you'll feel today, Aries, because during this day you'll see how your partner submits you to a questionnaire from which there seems to be no escape.

The grey clouds hang over your double bed, and you will have to justify each and every one of your movements, as well as other data that can be considered of interest.

Try not to lose your cool and bravely endure that downpour announced by the dark clouds, as you have nothing to hide.

Perhaps in the past you did have some slip-ups, but in recent times you've gone too far forward, so you won't have to fear for anything.

Aries who are single and who distrust appearances, but who don't trust anything third parties tell them. There is a stinking feeling of lying in the air and of unhealthy interests.


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Are there people who dedicate themselves to the same thing as you and with whom there is a certain unease?

Well, you will have to bury the ax, because according to the stars you are expected to work side by side with more than one and two individuals who you don't like that much...

And you don't have to go out for a beer once the work is done, but you will have to swallow saliva to learn how to communicate in the project that unites you all.

Also, you will destroy myths and beliefs that you had about that person (or persons) and you will find a great potential from which you have much to learn.


Who said taking care of yourself inside and out was boring?

The Magic Horoscope wants to break this myth by encouraging you to do new activities that will help you to improve your well-being in all its facets.

And the best option for you this Thursday is laughter because you need to let out more laughter that will make you catharsis of the bad mood that sometimes nests in your bowels.

In this sense, try to find a workshop where they give laughter therapy, because it not only relaxes the body, but also activates your heart and releases endorphins, which is analgesic and will relieve the pain you may suffer.