Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



This Thursday's vibes are powerful, magnetic and slightly possessive. Romantic relationships are sailing between the shores of comedy and drama, because there's laughter for sure but also some existential distress.

You open your mind and allow your sixth sense to show itself, and let it guide you to people who do your heart some much-needed good if you're single and looking. Don't be too overly mysterious, and plan out the whole date if they agree to go out with you.

No matter if you're trying to project yourself as an ice-cold individual, you know that below the surface there's a burning fire, an Aries child longing for love.

In couples, arguments will be the norm, but you don't know how far you're willing to go with conflict just to proceed into reconcilement. As an Aries, you'll be on the lookout for passion-inducing formulae.


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You'll get good news that won't directly affect you, but they will impact your business or family. Of course, you'll think about how it benefits you and what things you want to see done in a rather near future.

Important purchases will also be approved, but in moderation. Use your money on necessary items that don't fall into the luxury category.

You're open to overcoming any challenges you get, and if they don't come up by themselves, you'll look for them. You'll spontaneously jump into good initiatives and curious collaborative projects. You might find yourself working closely with someone who was your rival back in the day.


This 10th October, you should take measures for better health, and start to carry out the projects you keep saying you'll begin on the next 1st day of the month, or when next Monday comes.

It's time to finally spread your wings and fly, and prove that limits are something that no one but us sets. You've got a gust of wind backing you up, so act confidently!

You'll see you're doing things the right way when you hear comments about your looks that would have previously made you uncomfortable, but now you just don't care. No one and nothing will keep you at home crying your heart out.