Aries Magic Horoscope 5
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If you don't ask your partner about their opinion and their emotions, you just won't know; they're not willing to tell you, and you feel that's annoying. You think you're making choices on their behalf, and you'd prefer it if they pulled some weight for you every now and then.

Thanks to the positive actions of the stars, everything's going to be much better. If you haven't got any taboos flying around, you're on the right path.

The opinions of those around you are important as a single Aries; you want to know whether the person you're into is popular or hated, whether they look honest or too interested. Do whatever you feel, but you won't be getting any lies (although you might hear things you don't want to).


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You can definitely persuade others to join your interests, it'll turn out to be extremely easy, and that's why now is the right time to use that power. Don't think twice when discussing your projects with people around you, you'll outline them as the greatest chance to bet on a winning horse.

You'll surround yourself with honest people who will give you an extra push forward, and who'll promote your financial growth with the skills of a great master.

You'll become especially skilled at international negotiations and creating relationships with foreign companies with whom you hadn't ever dealt before.

International commerce will be your thing, although you're starting to consider learning new languages to keep expanding. You've got a shot at taking a big leap into professional settlement.


Your town has become too small for comfort, it's a feeling that you've had for a while now, and you're thinking about moving somewhere new.

Today's a good day to realise the true beauty and value of what you've got around you. You'll be more appreciative of details, gestures, glances.

In the same way, it's also a good day to go on a great trip, or a romantic weekend getaway, to restore your connections.