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Love at first sight exists, and if you are single today you will feel it in your flesh spontaneously and eloquently, even with passion and enthusiasm.

It is not that your way of seeing someone changes; simply, a new person will cross your path, and although in principle you believe that some aspects of their way of being or their appearance clash with your convictions, you will surrender.

And don't be self-conscious, you have the right to a passionate adventure, because you deserve it.

In couples, the good conjugal atmosphere that has been able to be installed could get stuck with an excess of routine.


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Some of your friends (or perhaps former business associates) may try to convince you to enter a business that is apparently murky, or even dangerous.

Before you say yes, take time to study the situation from all angles, and detect strengths and weaknesses.

Above all, learn to say no, because they will insist on catching you.

If you go shopping you can spend more than you should, and then torture yourself with laments for having been a very consumerist.

In that case, the stars invite you to tell yourself some reassuring messages, Aries, that it's been a punctual thing that's gotten out of hand, but that you don't normally act that way.

And for that same reason, it won't happen again, because you've learned from your mistakes, from how bad you feel right after having used your credit card.


You are susceptible to some annoying blow on this day, but nothing that does not calm down by applying a little ice.

Solidified water is effective in reducing inflammation, controlling muscle cramps, and even reducing pain if you've had a sprain.

But don't apply it directly, place the ice in a cloth bag, or wrap it in a cloth, so you don't get burns (which is what you were missing!).

For the rest, there are not many unforeseen events, although the dependence on technology (mobiles, computers) and the possibility that it may fail you can cause you some stress.