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Have you ever mixed love with other types of interests, such as economic ones, Aries?

Because if so, the Magic Horoscope predicts fights within your home, when your intentions, those that have not gone head-on, are exposed.

So now you can say goodbye to a story that you should never have started, but in which ambition and the desire to maintain a social status could.

For the other Aries natives, those who live love honestly will have no problem at all, and there will even be those who say goodbye to the week by lighting a good bunch of fireworks.

And fleeting and amusing appointments are planned for those who right now have a free heart, though desirous of having an occupant in it.


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You need to be better prepared for the world of work if you don't have a job right now, or if the one you have doesn't satisfy your personal development (and doesn't allow you to pay all the bills you need).

Acquire new knowledge, recycle what you have, and ultimately, be at the forefront of the sector to which you devote yourself.

On the other hand, if you already have professional stability, you will notice that your ideas prosper, that what you shyly suggested will mutate sooner rather than later into a solid project, and of which you will be a part.

Concerning your domestic economy, don't waste money like crazy with the excuse that it's Sunday and that (possibly) you have the day off. Better ant than grasshopper!


You have to worry more about your health than anyone else's, Aries.

Because you try to get everyone around you to have good habits, but then you're not exactly an example they can follow faithfully.

You see the mote in your brother's eye, but you do not see the beam in your own eye, and anyway, it's time to stop those habits that sully your health.

You must not forget your own defects, your illnesses, otherwise, things will get worse. Leave the justifications and start doing things well.