Aries Daily Horoscope for April 14

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When having a conversation with friends or relatives, the name of an ex-partner may appear, a name that played an important role in your love story and will always have a place in your heart.

If this had happened a week ago, it may have pinched you hard in the stomach. However, today you will just let it slip just like any other name.

Your future is much more promising, so stop worrying about the past events that never flourished and focus on those that are in front of you now.

And what is important in life is to see all those pieces that still hang from the tree, which look ripe and are just waiting for you to pick them and taste their ripeness in your mouth.

In life as a couple, there may be some minor issues according to jealousy, and you won’t know up to which point your partner is joking or telling the truth between lies.

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The rather unusual combination of three planets is probably the cause of your relatively serious money problems.

The stars of MagicHoroscope invite you to play your cards right and be on the defensive to avoid harmful people who are trying to pull you down as you try to improve.

Above all, maintain a prevailing sense of reality and keep a close eye on your financial issues.

At work, you will have to avoid being overtaken by people who are much more organized than you, as there is a snake in the building and they are coming to get you.


In general terms, you will find yourself in good shape although Pluto may lead you to bewilderment sooner than you think.

In the case that you want to do physical activities, according to your age and your state of health; do not think that you’ll get to the top of the mountain as fast as you could have years ago and now you are older, and the mountain seems steeper as you are carrying more weight than before (both age and also kilos).

Monitor the health of your feet, to avoid harshness or blisters that feel uncomfortable when walking.

Use special powder on your feet to keep them in good shape. Remember, they are fundamental in your day to day life, so using adequate footwear always helps.