Aries Daily Horoscope for March 14

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Saturn opens your eyes in love. And so, as a couple, you will accept small defects, weaknesses and even the vulnerability of your other half.

For you, they can be a true superhero and you can worship them as such, but today you will appreciate their more human side. In other words, you will love them as they are.

That layer of honesty will avoid many disappointments, and will make the chains that unite you and will continue to unite you stronger.

On the other hand, ephemeral adventures will have little attraction for singles, who will want to go a step further in some appointment they have on this day.


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The day will be relatively easy for most natives on money matters. This does not mean that in some cases a bad surprise is possible.

And that it is more related to a technical problem (a car that breaks down, a mobile phone that falls to the ground and is shattered) rather than to an important payment itself.

The planet that runs your economic sector is Pluto, and so it will have a difficult impact due to its position in your sky.

Tips? Common sense in its maximum exponent, avoid ruinous expenses and do not focus only on enjoyment and pleasure no matter how much you deserve it, Aries.

At work, don't pay attention to some defeatists who really want to hurt you. Your chances will be good, don't neglect them, and don't get intoxicated.


If you want to do sport, it's better to beat yourself up today, almost high performance, to absolutely nothing.

But if you want to be in shape, it's much better to exercise moderately three days a week than to do a marathon today.

Ten to fifteen-minute sports sessions can be very effective, and if, for example, you focus on building muscle you'll get muscle and you'll also increase your basic metabolism.

When carrying out certain daily activities, be careful with knives and other items that are sharp or stabbing.

Don't give yourself a good cut and a big scare if you're absent-minded. Stay alert!